Our Company

Windward Catalyst was founded in 2012 to deliver integrated communications, management consulting, and strategic research and planning services. We understand that every organization has different needs, and we’ve built our business around a single vision: innovative and scalable services for growing companies.

We are generalists, and extend a value proposition to clients that prioritizes solutions that are simpler (and simply more effective) over single-sector or specialized-service expertise. As a result, we spend a lot of time working with companies and entrepreneurs that are encountering certain needs for the first time – entry-level polling, press releases with advanced distribution, third- or fourth-generation websites and digital strategies, or perhaps a voice in the room to offer valuation-oriented insight concurrent with investment decisions – but aren’t looking to begin open-ended engagements (or retainers) with multiple, large scale consulting and digital firms.

Our Approach

  • 1

    Identify and benchmark the factors that are most relevant to your business environment today and in the future.

  • 2

    Leverage audience, industry, and market insights to affect positive change.

  • 3

    Our signature strategic planning services provide a smarter roadmap for success.

  • 4

    Raise your company’s profile with key stakeholders and optimize your competitive edge.

  • 5

    Discover how a mission-oriented focus on communications and planning boosts ROI across the board.

Our signature strategic planning services are designed to afford individuals and growing enterprises access to the same caliber of research, planning, and operational support resources that their larger competitors leverage every day, and at every stage of organizational development (from startup and market entry to subsequent exit strategy and M&A activity).

Our complimentary work in the strategic communications arena extends to brand management, community and stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, governmental relations, and public affairs.

Please take a look at our recent portfolio, and contact us directly to schedule an introduction.

There’s a notion that a gap will always exist between the resources available to startups and small-to-midsize companies and those that are available to their larger and more mature competitors – the talent that you find at the nation’s premier management consulting and communications firms. When the opportunity came to develop a business plan, and then a company, that could challenge those barriers head on, I knew that our model could make a difference for many organizations. Our clients tell us every day we made the right choice.

Eugene J. Berardi

Managing Partner